Steven C. Wyer is the author of Violated Online and the Managing Director of Reputation Advocate, an online reputation management firm located in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the past three decades, Steven C. Wyer has successfully managed a diversified portfolio of companies. Steven C. Wyer is a respected businessman and a marketing expert whose company, Wyer Creative Communications, was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies for five years in a row by the Nashville area Chamber of Commerce in 1999.

Transitioning from Wyer Creative, Steven C. Wyer entered the consumer debt market, building two separate firms which, combined, collected just short of $1 billion in past-due consumer debt. These firms were thriving and employed hundreds of individuals throughout 14 locations. Steve C. Wyer credits the Internet and the information it offered with their success – and their subsequent demise.

In 2005, Steven C. Wyer ’s two firms were involved in legal processes. Unfortunately, the Internet, which had helped him early on, opened a floodgate of negative attention, and that drowned Wyer’s previously untarnished credibility. Steven C. Wyer closed these businesses and again attempted to make a new life for himself and his family. This time, Steven C. Wyer tapped into another of his talents and served as the principal of a private equity fund.

As Steven C. Wyer worked to ensure the success of this venture, the Internet was working, too, but not in his favor. The negative information about his previous business was still spattered over the web. This residual material again hindered his success. Steven C. Wyer was questioned by long time business associates, even friends and family, about the accusations held over from the debt collection litigation. Once he realized that a simple Google search of the term “Steven C. Wyer” brought nothing but the previously posted misinformation about the legal proceedings, he began to understand the obstacle he had to overcome to regain his place in the professional world.

Armed with the ambition to take back his good name, Steven C. Wyer launched a campaign to learn all he could about search engines, their behavior, and the complex algorithms that dictate page rankings. What he found was the vast majority of Internet users stopped at page one. This left little opportunity for those looking up “Steven C. Wyer” to find the results that cleared his name, as they were buried beyond that critical prime page position.

Steven C. Wyer began to study in depth how to portray his image in a way that reflected who he was, not what the media needed to spin to create “newsworthy” material. Today, through Reputation Advocate, Steven C. Wyer helps individuals and small businesses across the nation do the same. He has also published an account of his experiences, aptly named Violated Online. The book illustrates how the average American can fall victim to the combination of freedom of speech and the anonymity of the Internet.

Steven C. Wyer may be reached by calling Reputation Advocate’s office at 888.229.0746 or via email at